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“Success was to a large extent due to the skill, expertise and persistence of Stephen. I would not hesitate to recommend Stephen as a mediator in future, nor would I hesitate in using him again.”

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“We thought Stephen Bate was excellent … his approach was very measured, sensible and helpful.”

“He had a good understanding of the facts and grasped the issues quickly.”

“I have done about 20 mediations and this one was handled better than any of the others.”

“He managed the day extremely well and I will be recommending him for other mediations.”

“Well prepared and used the time very effectively during the day.”

“Stephen kept both parties focused and we arrived at a deal which both parties appeared very happy with.”

“From the moment we kicked off it was apparent he knew the documents…..and because he was so well prepared he asked some very good questions which brought up issues that hadn’t been discussed before.”

“He showed a real interest in the case and in helping the parties to achieve resolution, and demonstrated an understanding of the commercial as well as legal issues involved.”

“He kept the parties on point and drew them back to the issues in order to avoid time being wasted on irrelevant matters.”

“He offered pragmatic and commercial solutions, and was of valuable assistance when we were drafting the settlement agreement.”

“I felt he dealt very carefully and sympathetically with my client.”

“He was very active in the process and really made my client look at his case and made comments which were designed to get the parties closer together.”

“I was very impressed by Stephen’s patience, grip of the subject matter and tenaciousness.”

“It was certainly a case that should have settled in theory but ultimately I thought you did very well in bringing the parties together as you did.”